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"I'm struggling to manage my aggression"

If you feel angry a lot, find yourself getting into fights often or have a history of violence and aggression - our team can support you. If you have a conviction, a police warning, or anything similar - we can still support you. 

Thinking Man on Couch

"I'm experiencing intrusive sexual thoughts"

If you are struggling with sexual thoughts that are distressing or difficult to manage, we can support with that. Our team are experienced working with this, and you are safe to approach us for help. 


"I feel obsessive about ..... and I struggle to control it" 

You may feel that there is something you cannot let go of, or something that is always on your mind and makes it hard to think about anything else. Our Psychologists can help you with better understanding the cause of this and then work with you on managing this. 

Psychologist Session

"I'm struggling to manage an addiction" 

Addiction can come in many forms; substances (drugs), alcohol, pornography, gambling etc... Our team have extensive experience and expertise working with addiction. We will aim to support you with practical aspects of managing addiction, as well as developing insight into why the addiction is there in the first place. 

Therapy session

"I've just come out of prison and I need support in the community"

We have the expertise to support people in rejoining and developing confidence for being back in the community. We know that leaving a secure service doesn't mean things will suddenly be 'fine' again, and we can help you with this transition.  

Walking around in the city

"People are telling me I need help"

Sometimes, it can be hard to recognise that we need help or we need to work on things. We encourage you to listen to loved ones who suggest you may need help. The first thing we will do in therapy is figure out why they think that, and what they're worried about. Then, we can decide the next steps together. 

Supportive Friend

If you are experiencing something that is not on the list, contact us - we will hear you with non-judgement and compassion.

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