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I'm a professional seeking support...

You may work for a law firm, probation, social care, NHS, court, police, safeguarding, a charity or any other organisation that supports individuals with their mental health, risk management or daily living.

We can offer a range of services for professionals, including but not limited to:- 

  • Training for teams

  • Therapy for clients (+ a referral source) 

  • Consultation on cases

  • Expert reports

  • Resources

Book forensic psychologists to improve your service's; psychological knowledge, approach with clients, success in cases, available resources, reports & referral sources.

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I'm a solicitor 

It may have been suggested or directed in court that your client access therapy. Contact us for support.   

I work for the NHS 

NHS Crisis services, therapy provisions and  mental health support are stretched. In some situations, private input may be helpful. 

I'm a probation officer

You may feel that a client would benefit from long term therapy with Forensic expertise. Get in touch and we can talk about it further. 

I work for a charity

Charities can source and fund therapy for people they support. Get touch to see how we can help. 

I'm a social worker

We work with both perpetrators of crime or harmful behaviour, and victims. For family court proceedings, this support may be extremely helpful. 

I am a Psychologist

You may be a psychologist working in private practice and feel that a client is outside of your competency or comfort zone. Feel free to contact us for discussion.

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