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I'm a professional seeking support for a client...

You may work for probation, social care, NHS, court, police, safeguarding, a charity or any other organisation that supports individuals with their mental health, risk management or daily living.

We can offer psychological therapy for your client with the expertise and experience of the Forensic Psychologists at the company. Offering long term therapy for clients through the public sector can be difficult in the current climate, and Glass Oak Psychology can fill that role quickly to support your clients needs. 

The Psychologists at Glass Oak Psychology are unable to offer any crisis management, risk assessment, consultation or court reports at this time. We will however be in communication with you about the progress of the client, and be open to offering proof of engagement with our services for any ongoing cases. 

For clients paying for themselves, we take weekly payment (i.e., payment for one session a week). We also take payment from services who wish to cover the costs for client therapy. In this case, we ask for three months of payment in full (12 sessions), as we recognise that accessing payment through this method can be more time consuming. We recommend a minimum of six months of therapy. 

I'm a solicitor 

It may have been suggested or directed in court that your client access therapy. Contact us for support.   

I work for the NHS 

NHS Crisis services, therapy provisions and  mental health support are stretched. In some situations, private input may be helpful. 

I'm a probation officer

You may feel that a client would benefit from long term therapy with Forensic expertise. Get in touch and we can talk about it further. 

I work for a charity

Charities can source and fund therapy for people they support. Get touch to see how we can help. 

I'm a social worker

We work with both perpetrators of crime or harmful behaviour, and victims. For family court proceedings, this support may be extremely helpful. 

I am a Psychologist

You may be a psychologist working in private practice and feel that a client is outside of your competency or comfort zone. Feel free to contact us for discussion.

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Professional consultation will be offered in future. Please sign up to our newsletter for updates and future opportunities. 

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