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HCPC and BPS registered Psychologists

Create the life that you want, and let us help you do it. 

Choose from a team of Psychologists with years of experience in public and private settings. We can help address where your challenges are coming from, and provide support to overcome any obstacles to change. We're committed to being there for you every step of the way, until you are living the life that you want. 

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What we offer

Our number one priority is helping you. Everything we do is collaborative, and nothing will be a surprise because we will always communicate. Our approach with each client is very different, because each client is unique. We would be happy to chat with you about the therapy and how it will go, as we know that finding the right Psychologist can be a difficult time. We're happy to help you work through it and find the right person.

Please feel free to contact us and browse through the 'About Therapy' section for more information.


"After experiences years of multiple types of therapy and therapists, I thought finding the right therapist would be difficult, but when I met Cat I was instantly comfortable and re-assured that it’s okay to laugh, and have open conversations. Therapy extends outside of the time allotted session, helpful resources are provided and the general energy of her is incredibly welcoming and safe! "


"Cat remains consistent and flexible, and is very easy to contact."


"My experience of Glass Oak Psychology, and that of Dr Catrin Williams was one of caution, apprehension, uncertainty and in trepidation as I began my first few sessions with her. But soon after these feelings melted away as we got to know each other; Catrin, myself, my thoughts, and my anxiety. I look forward to my weekly sessions with her, I feel fortunate I found Catrin and that am able to confide in her."


If you work for a service supporting clients and wish to better understand what we offer, please click here to read more. Feel free to contact us with queries. 


If you want to start gaining some insight over your struggles, and support in improving your navigation of life, please get in touch.

01829 708150

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